Service robots

  • Increased safety
    Contactless service, optimal safety, minimised risk of infection
  • Increased attractiveness
    Pioneering innovative character, contemporary digitalisation
  • Optimised guest experience
    Positive impact on ratings, improvement of brand image, higher guest satisfaction
  • Significantly improved revenue
    Increased sales, improved labour efficiency
  • Cost/expense savings
    Less management costs, less labour/personnel costs, less taxes and ancillary employer costs
  • Higher employee satisfaction
    Elimination of tiring activities, active relief in everyday work, more time for inspiring and motivating activities
  • Bei Kombination mit dem Lagerautomaten (nur Alfred)
    Deutliche Personal-, Zeit-, Aufwands- und Kostenersparnis durch zentrale Verwaltung von Minibarartikeln und Amenities.

Unsere Serviceroboter befinden sich in der Lobby und freuen sich auf ihren Besuch.